Why do we use it?

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. The point of using Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters, as opposed to using ‘Content here, content here’, making it look like readable English. Many… Continue reading Why do we use it?

What is Lorem Ipsum?

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Some Useful Links for You to Get Started

It seems like you’re running a default WordPress website. Here are a few useful links to get you started: Migration How to use WordPress Migrator Plugin? Migrate WordPress from Siteground to Cloudways Migrate WordPress from GoDaddy to Cloudways General How do I take my website live from Cloudways? How to manage WordPress via WP-CLI on… Continue reading Some Useful Links for You to Get Started

Lawyers Droning Out

Drones are changing the practice of law.  The Federal Aviation Administration Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 authorized the FAA to issue licenses for limited  commercial drone use.  As a result, drones are new resource to lawyers and accident investigators. Incidents often occur in places that are largely inaccessible. Consider falls that occur at construction… Continue reading Lawyers Droning Out

TeamLawyers is a very proud sponsor of “Busted Lion – Marisa’s Militia”

TeamLawyers is a very proud sponsor of “Busted Lion – Marisa’s Militia,” a team for the 3 Day Walk – benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Research. Marisa’s Militia held a kick-off event Saturday, May 7, 2011 on Boat House Row in Philadelphia. To learn more about the 3 day walk, visit… Continue reading TeamLawyers is a very proud sponsor of “Busted Lion – Marisa’s Militia”

Arias Invited to Weekly Radio Program

Martin Arias is pleased to announce his weekly participation in a Philadelphia radio show about personal injury issues in Spanish on AM1680. Many immigrants do not know what their rights are when injured in an accident. Through this weekly airing, Mr. Arias provides the Hispanic community with guidance on personal injuries.

General Motors Bankruptcy Judge Revives Product Liability Claims

The Judge overseeing the bankruptcy of General Motors has granted two motions filed by Eric G. Zajac, Esquire to revive product liability suits that had been stalled by the General Motors bankruptcy. In an important ruling, the court decided that state court claims against dealerships could go forward. The decision means that the bankruptcy would… Continue reading General Motors Bankruptcy Judge Revives Product Liability Claims

Arias Featured in SuperLawyers Magazine

Martin Arias was recently featured in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers for 2010. The articles explores Martin’s commitment to representing Spanish-speaking clients who have been seriously injured. His direct and fluent communication with Spanish-speaking clients is vital to a successful attorney-client relationship and can make a real difference in their cases.

Zajac Wins pro bono Case

Eric Zajac has won a pro bono case he took for a client who took over the care of her grandmother’s house. The client was taking care of her grandmother’s house after it had been abandoned by her family. Zajac was successful in getting the title to the house transferred. This allowed the owner to… Continue reading Zajac Wins pro bono Case