Brain Injury

The consequences of a brain injury – from minor to severe – are life changing. Many forms of brain injury are not observable on formal diagnostic tests, making it difficult to get the diagnosis and treatment you deserve. Forgetfulness, unusual behavior, and changes in personality can be caused by head trauma.

Neurologists and neuropsychologists can use scientifically accepted methods to diagnose brain injuries that aren’t showing up on “routine” x-ray tests, but these tests are expensive and it can be difficult to get an insurer to cover them.

These types of cases are often very complex and trying them successfully requires attorneys that specialize in these cases. The Zajac & Padilla Law Firm, L.L.C. has successfully represented many victims of brain injury – including multi-million dollar recoveries – getting our clients the compensation they need to rebuild their lives after traumatic brain injuries.

Closeup of brain MRI scan result

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