Victims of Airbag Failure Settle

For $2 million, an auto manufacturer and its authorized distributor have settled a products liability claim arising from the failure of front airbags to deploy in a head-on collision between two passenger cars.  The collision was caused by a drunk driver who crossed over the center line.  Zajac & Padilla co-counseled on the case with Williamsport-based Lepley, Engelman & Yaw. The clients were on their way to the mall to do some shopping when the crash occurred.  The passenger sustained serious, permanent head injuries – the very kind of injuries airbags are meant to protect against.  The case was strengthened by an investigative report written by an airbag design expert, whose opinions were supported by other experts in biomechanics and accident reconstruction.  Attorney Eric Zajac handled the case for Zajac & Padilla, while Attorney Douglas Engelman handled the case for Lepley, Engelman & Yaw.