Jury rules for client in medication overdose trial

A Philadelphia County jury has decided in favor of a firm client in a medication overdose case.

The firm’s client suffered from an overdose of Zyprexa. He had been administered the drug by the staff at a nursing center where he was a resident; the order for the anti-psychotic medication had been called into the facility by his treating physician three days earlier.

Just prior to trial the client settled with the nursing home for an undisclosed amount but it remained in the action as a defendant. The trial evidence showed that the client was given 10 times the proper amount of Zyprexa, causing the client to require an emergency room admission for Zyprexa toxicity.

The jury found that the nursing home was fully liable for the client’s damages and awarded Greenberg $125,000. While the jury found the doctor to be negligent, his negligence was not found to be a cause of the injuries.

This case was tried to verdict by firm member Eric G. Zajac.