Injured Special Forces Candidate Settles Motorcycle Defect Claim

This client came to Zajac & Padilla after his leg was crushed by a motorcycle that fell on him. The kickstand had failed. The firm’s investigation revealed that a component part of the kick-stand had become bent making it prone to unpredictable failure. The part of the kick-stand that was bent was on the lowest point of the underside of the motorcycle where it could strike against objects or road debris. A comparative analysis found that better designs were available that easily and at no real cost could have protected the part from damage. Our client was an Army member about to leave for Special Forces training. The injuries ended his military career. The settlement was reached with the help of a neutral mediator a few weeks before trial was to start. The case was handled by Eric G. Zajac with the assistance of Dominik Rostocki. The case was referred to Mr. Zajac by an attorney in New Jersey.