GM and Suzuki settle SUV rollover case

General Motors, Suzuki and Cami Automotive have agreed to settle a single-vehicle rollover which resulted in the death of a 20 year-old Pennsylvania man.

On May 11, 2001, Mark Barsottini was scheduled to attend the prom of his girlfriend, Shannon Marshall. Mark was operating a 1997 four door Geo Tracker owned by his parents. Mark and Shannon, along with another couple, had reserved a limousine to take them to the prom. They were traveling in the Tracker to meet the limo. As Mark drove on wet roads north along Brighton Road in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, the Tracker began to slide, then rolled over twice, coming to rest on its roof, facing south. Mark and two of his passengers were thrown from the vehicle while it was rolling. Mark, who was not wearing his seatbelt, was actually ejected through the windshield headfirst. EMS personnel found Mark facedown on the pavement, 15 feet away from the Tracker. He reportedly was unconscious and seizing at the scene. He remained in a coma for several weeks but succumbed to major head trauma the next month. Mark was survived by his parents and two siblings.

Plainitff argued that even if Mark had been seatbelted, his head would have been crushed by the severe roof collapse.

The Zajac Law Firm co-counseled with Hal Waldman and Associates of Pittsburgh on this case. The Zajac Law Firm became involved in the case in late April, 2006 and it settled about 3 months later. The specific terms and conditions of settlement are confidential.