85 Year Old Car Crash Victim Settles for Policy Limits

Our client was driving her 1997 Ford Escort northbound on Oxford Valley Road and had entered the left-hand turning lane to turn onto Trenton Road.  She was using her lap and shoulder seat belts.  Approximately two hundred yards before reaching Trenton Road, the 2007 Hyundai owned and operated by the at-fault driver abruptly exited a parking lot on the east side of Oxford Valley Road, crossed two lanes of traffic, and struck our client’s vehicle.  The violent impact of the at-fault vehicle disabled both vehicles and caused our client’s airbag to deploy.  This impact caused significant bodily harm to our client and required that she receive immediate emergency care.  The at-fault driver had insurance of $100,000 and our client had an additional $15,000 in insurance on her own policy.  We were able to obtain the maximum amount of insurance without filing a lawsuit.